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Uniqlo Review

Uniqlo Review

by Alpha Testing

Fashion weeks around the world — especially in Paris — attract fashion and business professionals many different nationalities, ages, and sexes. As a result of our survey, we found that 74% of respondents enjoyed wearing UNIQLO clothing — higher than we had expected! Why do fashion stars love UNIQLO? Responses ranged from “It is functional,” “It is high quality,” and “It is affordable,” to “It offers basic items,” “It is good in design,” and “Everyone can enjoy wearing it,” which suggests that the wearers aligned with the strengths of our brand our values. Some fashion enthusiasts answered, “UNIQLO’s clothes are so simple that they can be coordinated with the designer brands we usually wear.” 

T-shirts (including UT) came in fourth, by jeans (shop men and women here!) in fifth and cardigans in sixth, demonstrating that wearers love UNIQLO’s quality, design, and range of colors. Collaboration collections with Christophe Lemaire and Carine Roitfeld came in seventh, which suggests that the fashion industry loves highly fashionable collaboration lineups. 

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