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Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker 1000mL

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker 1000mL

by Andrea

You’re looking for an affordable cold brew coffee maker with a filtering mechanism and wondering if the Hario Mizudashi is the right purchase for you. In this review I’ll cover some basic reasons why you might or might not want to purchase this product and then also include a bit of my common sense buying thoughts to help you make a rationale purchase 🙂

Before proceeding let me know explain how my rating system works. My rating system focuses on 3 Basic Components. I use this rating system throughout this blog to help ensure integrity of how I rate these products:

 Majority Rule: Since I’m a fan of democracy I base a large part of my decision on the majority rules concept.  Generally speaking, the majority rule selects alternatives which have a majority of the votes. However, in this case the rule is not binary in that I will select one of two options. Instead, I’ll use Amazon reviews to gauge the number of purchases within this category up to 4 options. 
 Afterwhich I will apply comparative logic explained in the following step. Comparative Logic The cost of the product:  4 being the lowest and most affordable 1 being the highest and most Ease of use: Steps required to produce the cold brew coffee including assembly and prep.  2 containing the least amount of steps and 1 containing the most in the specific group 
 Functionality: The rating scale will assume that the product works as specified however if reviews notes a more than 1 malfunction or failure to replace or refund the product (for every 500 reviews) a negative mark will be applied to the score.  
Scoring for each of these product reviews will range from 1 – 10 10 being the highest and ideal rating and 1 the lowest

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker : 

Majority Rule: 4

Cost: 4 

Ease of Use: 2

Penalty : -2

The products rated alongside the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker include the following

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How does the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker Rate Amongst the Majority of Consumers? 4

At the time of writing this review the majority of consumers who reviewed this product rated the product above 4 stars in accordance with Amazon’s rating scale. More than 85% of consumers rated the product above 4 Starts. The total number of reviews equates to 1,552 with over 1,300 positive reviews of this cold brew coffee maker system.

Based on the number of reviews the Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee maker rates as a “4” on Cold Brew Philosophy’s rating scale. It has the largest number of reviewers within this evaluated product range. What’s impressive about this is that the product instructions were not written in English but managed to rate relatively well amongst a large number of consumers.  As I went through the reviews several positive and negative reviews stood out.

The Pros of the Hario Mizudashi Brew Coffee Maker

  1. Easy to Store
    1. The size and shape of the container / carafe is well suited for easy storage within the refrigerator Lali77 was kind enough to provide an image of how two of these containers actually looked inside her fridge (which was incredibly helpful I’m sure our readers will agree as well)
  2. The product is very simple to use
    1. Products with this class should be relatively easy to use since the expectation is a essentially a pitcher for cold brew coffee and a filtering mechanism.

The Cons of the Hari Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  1. This is arguably a con for some people and a pro for others. The Hario has a glass container so depending on your preference you might enjoy the Plastic Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker as opposed to the Hario model which is Glass.


If you’re unkind to your kitchen tools or perhaps have younger children so you normally steer from glass dishes and such you may want to steer clear of this. As a mother of younger children myself I’ve had several glass coffee brewing systems break primarily because I’m just clumsy or over estimate how well built something actually is. That’s honestly not the fault of the maker. And as much as I drink coffee I always understand that there’s a shelf life for the container of coffee maker I’m using. If I have to replace something like this Once or Twice a year it’s not too big of a pain.

How well is the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee System Priced? 4

The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee maker is the most affordable of the the 4 items evaluated within this price range and class. Currently, as I’m writing this post it’s a whopping $16.95 . Honestly I’m not entirely sure why there are not many reviews of the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker my only speculation is that the price margin for an affiliate to promote this product is expectedly low since it’s priced so well (but that’s just my opinion). Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the Hario Brand it’s essentially one of the oldest heat resistant glass brands from Japan: here’s a quote from there site

The company has been dedicated to the design, production, and sale of heatproof glass since it was founded in 1921 and is the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory.

At the time of founding, glass products for science laboratories and medical uses were produced and sold. After World War II, production of household items began starting with the coffee syphon. Since then, the company has expanded to production of items such as coffee equipment, equipment for tea, Japanese teas and herb teas, microwave-safe cooking equipment, kitchenware, aroma therapy, and pet products. In the 80s, production of industrial glass for automotive headlights began.

One of the distinctions I want to point out is that there are various schools of thought that are often associated with cold brewing coffee. The Japanese method of cold brewing is a bit different from the standard cold brewing process. I explained this in my guide to cold brewing coffee . The Japanese method is less cold brew and more flashed brewed. Wherein the coffee is brewed hot but immediately iced. You can read more details about the distinction in the guide linked above. From what I understand you can use this item to brew hot or flash brewed coffee with hot water up to 120c. However, my I’d prefer to use something like this for a strictly cold brewing. Glass is glass so if you intend to use this with extreme heat and then put the container in extremely cold conditions immediately that’s probably a recipe for disaster.

How Easy is it to use the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker? 2

If you’re an audio-visual learner the presenter above showcases the ease of use associated with the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker. As I mentioned earlier in this review using this system and systems of this kind should be relatively simple since it’s essentially a pitcher and filter.

The Penalty Against this Product

Despite the fact that this product is well priced and rated well amongst it’s consumers I have to point out that out the 1500+ reviews I identified at least three reviews wherein the product arrived broken and one instance in which the glass was shattered. Instead of discounting the product by 3 points I only discounted it by 2 since one of the buyers was offered a complete replacement as opposed to replacing a part and he / she declined to replace the entire product because I guess it just took too much effort on his / her part . Consequently, I cannot fault the company since they did infact offer to replace the product. Also, please keep in mind that this product did ship at volume more than a 1500 reviews were received which indicates that even a higher number of purchases were actually made. For a product to ship at such volume with the ratings it maintains it seems like a pretty safe bet for me. However, use your personal buying descretion always.

Personal Opinion about the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I’ve never really been a real fan of the infuser type cold brew coffee makers. The reason being is you’ll always encounter a situation where coffee escapes from the infuser basket or filter. However, Hario cold brew coffee maker is a steal if you ask me. And seeing as you’re reading this post you are asking me so there you 🙂 But on a more serious note I don’t see any major flaws in this purchase. With taxes and shipping you shouldn’t pay any more than $25 ~ which basically equates to like 5 Dunkin Doughnuts Chillatas.

Again keep in mind that if you do not prep at least a day in advance you’ll likely end up in the coffee line the next morning. More importantly, if you plan on using this cold brew coffee maker to brew concentrated cold brew you should not purchase this system. Just like the Takeya this vessel only holds about 1 liter of fluid which is pretty useless if you’re trying to brew concentrate.

The bottom line here is if you’d like to upgrade from DIY containers and manually filtering methods this is a good option. However, if you’re looking for a more robust machine that will create larger quantities you’ll probably enjoy the Toddy or OXO cold brew coffee makers.

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